Over 250 Pairs of Select SLIDE Styles; will receive a FREE Fabric Mesh Drawstring Bag with your Logo or Text in 1 Color on 1 Side .
Custom Slides

Slides are also known as Athletic Slides or Pool Slides, have become a huge sensation over the years as many people both young and older love slides since they do not affect the toe area as a Flip Flop strap does.

A Slide is defined as a shoe that is backless and open-toed with a strap that goes over the toes or over the lower half of the foot. The term is descriptive in that this style shoe is easy to “ slide ” on and off the foot when the wearer wants to do so.

All types of Sport Teams wear them with their socks on or off before they place their sneakers or cleats on for their actual event and then replace those just as quick after their game. Both men and women favor this type of Slide sandal as something easier to wear while attending an event.

We at do not carry Branded Slides such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok or Champion. Our Slides are not meant to compete as we brand each Custom order with a client’s Company, Team, Product Endorsement, Event or School Name on them. Our Slides we sell are used to promote that NAME; of the Company, Team, Event, Brand, Product or School’s Event Name.

We offer a Promotional Giveaway Slide that comes in 2 Colors of either Royal or Black. It has a Velcro Strap and it’s Own Mesh Drawstring Bag. Here you can Only print a 1 Color Imprint on the Outer Strap.

****Our Custom Debossed and Color Filled Slides or **** Custom Molded and Printed Slides are the rage. Designers all over the world have branded their name on all types of slides and are selling them from $195.00 to $950.00 in the stores. We manufacture the same exact quality of materials with YOUR branding or designs for under $40.00 per pair depending on your quantities purchased.


    Now you can have Custom Molded Slides with Straps Printed in Spot Colors of the Same Logo on Both Straps or Different Designs on either Strap, on the Sole or on the Sidewall of the Soles.

    This Slide - In Slide has your Logo or Text in 1 Color on the Straps Only. Great for school teams, pool clubs, dance and cheer clubs, sporting events, the beach, walking around with your socks or that Special Event.

    Sizing: Men & Women Sole Material: PU Rubber Strap Style: Polyester ( PVC Available )

    CUSTOM DEBOSSED SLIDES are used with a Great Logo or Theme Branding for Incentive Travel, School Gifts, Fundraiser’s, Tradeshow Giveaways, Swim and Lacrosse Teams, Sororities & Fraternities, Cheer Gifts, Employee Incentive, Teams, Beach or Pool, Staff Appreciation, Promotional Giveaways, Bar / Bat Mitzvah Bags, Special Events, Corporate Gifts and New Product Introductions.
  • Synergy Flip Flops & Warrior Slides

    The Synergy Flip Flops and The Warrior Slides Sole thickness 18-20mm Anatomical Recessed Topsole 3 Layer Soles ( Colored or Solid ) PMS Matched Strap & Soles As Close To

    This Custom Embroidered Slide has 3 Layers of EVA Foam, a Lycra Adjustable Velcro Strap, Imprint anywhere on the Sole and an Embroidered Strap with the Option of your SandPrint Logo and / or Text on the Bottom.

    If you want the Best in all categories of Fashion, Athletics and Individuality ~ Now you can have ALL that with YOUR CUSTOM DESIGNED SLIDE from 1 Color to Full Color Artwork.
  • Promotional Giveaway Slide

    Now you can have these Promotional Giveaway Slides used at your next Fundraiser, Corporate Giveaway, Tradeshow Giveaway, Employee Events or even a Beach Event.

    This is the Perfect Slider for your Next promotional Giveaway. It could be for a tradeshow, Beach event, picnic, sports event, fundraiser, team, school event, corporate event, birthdays, weddings, dormitories, gyms, employee gifts, beach clubs, hotels, pools, spas, HOSPITALS and so on.

    This Upgraded Rubber Sole Slide has a Thin Layer of Polyester Fabric that adds softness to the feet while also producing Vibrant Images on the Sole. The Velcro Adjustable Strap is made of a Synthetic Suede and offered Only in Black.

    The Aero Low Minimum Rubber Slide is the best of all worlds. Now you can have only 12 Pair of a Black Adjustable Velcro Strap Pair of Slides made of a Synthetic Suede with a high quality Rubber Mix Sole and a Thin Topsole Layer of Durable Fabric that can produce

    This Custom Made Slide has: 3 Layers of EVA Foam Colors A Lycra Adjustable Velcro Strap Full Color Imprinting on the Strap Top & Strap Inside Imprint Options anywhere on the Sole

    This Custom Made FULL COLOR Slide has 3 Layers of EVA Foam, a Lycra Adjustable Velcro Strap, Imprint in FULL COLOR anywhere on the Sole and / or Fabric Strap on either or Including Both Sandal Straps. For an Added Charge of $95.00 ~ Each Strap or Sole can have a Different Full Color Image on each. This Sandal also offers the Option of your SandPrint Logo and / or Text on the Bottom.

    5 Slide Styles 5 Week Delivery 1,000 Pair Minimum Custom PMS Color Match – Strap & Sole 3 Sizes / 1000 Pairs, 5 Sizes plus / Larger Quantities

    Sink your feet into these New Slides that have a: Memory Foam Footbed Injection Molded Adjustable Velcro Strap 6 Unisex Sizes Black Sole Only
  • Colorvision

    Our NEW COLORVISION Custom Molded Slides with FULL COLOR Edge 2 Edge Straps are the Newest Edition to our Slide Line. Here you can have the Same Logo on both straps or different designs on either strap. You can also have a 1 Color Imprint on the Sole Heel or a 2D Raised to the Touch Patch on the Sidewall of the Soles.

Our clients range from boutique stores, corporate companies, cruise lines, employee recognition, casinos, schools, hotels all over the world, spas, camps, reunions, beach parties, small clothing designers that add them to their line, sport teams, tradeshow giveaways all types of special events, bar / bat mitzvahs, sweet 16’s and weddings too.

We use the best quality materials for both the sole with molded toe compartments to the straps that are lined and both glued and sewn to the sides of the sandal as well.

****The Slide Flop is a Molded Toe Compartment Sole that has a Polyester Strap. Here you can print Full Color on both Straps and in different Designs. You also choose the Trim used for your Order. You can even print a 1 Color Imprint on the Sole.

All our Molded Soles also offer a 2D Raised to the Touch Rubber Patch as a way to add another Visual on your particular Sandal’s Exterior Side Wall. We can manufacture the Patch to be Oval, Rectangular, Square or Totally Custom.
This has a Running Charge per Pair and a One Time Set-up Charge of $250.00

Our Warrior Slide combines with the Synergy Flip Flop giving both companies and schools the opportunity to offer both styles with Fabric straps in the same colorways, at the same price with the same designs. There is a Minimum of of 100 Pairs per Style but we can offer 50 Pairs for an Added Charge ( if required ) Youth Sizing is Also Available.

**** Our Embroidered Sports Slide offers you the opportunity to have a 2 or 3 Sole layer color combination from over 20 colors and the Same amount of Lycra Adjustable Fabric Strap Colors that are custom Embroidered with your Logo, Design and or Text. You can also print on a part of the sole or the full sole. Here too, you can also have a SandPrint that embosses your logo or text into the sand as you walk ~ and you only require a Minimum of 25 Pairs.
Youth Sizing is Also Available.

We also offer Full Individual Personalization of a Persons Full or Single Name, Team Name and Team Number for an Additional Charge.

Our NEW Custom Full Color Slide; the sole footbed comes in almost 20 Foam Colors that are the main colors of Corporate logos, team or mascot colors. The Adjustable Lycra Fabric Strap is attached to both the left and right side of each foot letting the wearer’s foot just slide in under the strap. This Slide can also have an added extra Heavy Traction Sole.

Our Slide In Slide is a great promotional giveaway for Tradeshows or any type of Event. It offer an EVA Molded Strap and Sole, Comes in Black, Royal or Grey and only allowes a 1 Color Imprint on the Strap.

The Super Slide offers the wearer a Full Color Outside Lycra Velcro Strap with up to and including a full color Interior of that strap. This style also allows for a 1 Color to Full Color Imprint on the Heel too. Youth Sizing is Also Available.

The Aero Custom Rubber Slides; offers a Black Lycra Adjustable Velcro Strap made of a Synthetic Suede with a high quality Rubber Mix Sole that offers the topsole to be printed in Full Color, edge to edge with bleeds and the Highest of Vibrant Colors.

Standard Sole Colors for this style are Black or White but we also offer over 20 Premium colors for an Added Charge.

Our Full Color Slide offers just that; a Full Color design on the Full Sole and the Full Velcro Strap. It has 3 Layers of EVA Foam, a Lycra Adjustable Velcro Strap, Imprint in FULL COLOR anywhere on the Sole and / or Fabric Strap on either or Including Both Sandal Straps.

For an Added Charge of $95.00 ~ Each Strap or Sole can have a Different Full Color Image on each. This Sandal also offers the Option of your SandPrint Logo and / or Text on the Bottom.

With our Cushion Slides; offer a Full Padded Sole of Memory Foam on our Injection Molded Sole and a Full Color Adjustable Velcro Strap from Edge 2 Edge and having a Full Bleed. Youth Sizing is Also Available.

SLIDE HEAVEN; the Top-of-the-Line ~ because the feel you get is like you’re soaring high in this Injected Molded Slide that is contoured to the foot, has a massaging footbed design while the straps can be printed totally from Edge 2 Edge with your 1 Color to Full Color design separately or on both feet. We have even perfected imprinting on the Slide Heaven Sandals Side Wall ( Extra Fee ).

For a simple Giveaway Style we have the; The Striped Slider which comes in 9 colors and a White Middle Layer / Stripe and allows only text placed on the outer straps in 1 Color. This style comes also comes with a Drawstring Mesh Bag in the same color as the Slide.