www.CustomLogoFlipFlops.com was founded in 2004, after nearly two decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution of custom-made promotional products and apparel. The company’s mission is to provide high- quality Corporate Gifts, Promotional Products and Unique Branded apparel which optimizes your brand at the most reasonable possible cost.

Loved by Customers

We were inspired to create the www.CustomLogoFlipFlops.com line of products when a client requested “an outrageous promotional giveaway” for their company. The client said they had “done it all” and faced a dilemma in finding “a truly new, innovative item that would brand their corporate identity, but still have a fun side in its distribution.” This item was to be distributed at an annual event, to be held in Mexico, which was to be attended by all of their business partners and entire sales force. Over the years, the client gave away all of the ‘typical’ promotional products at their yearly meeting, including towels, bags, sunglasses, clocks, hats and tee shirts. We had been observing trends in new promotional items and were inspired.

Our suggestion for his client? Custom flip flops made up of the three company colors on the three layers, plus an embroidered strap emblazoned with the company name. In addition, the client’s logo was printed on the heel, and an image of their newest product was die-cut on the bottom to leave an imprint in the sand! Everyone loved the initial prototypes and agreed to go forward with the item. In an added flash of creativity, we added to the value of this exciting promotional item a two-toned embroidered terry cloth pouch which, when the custom flip flops were removed, also doubled as a cosmetic kit for the women or a toiletry kit for the men.

After testing client-branded custom flip flops with numerous clients such as Bookstores, Restaurants, Spas, Vacation Resorts, Nail Salons, Hotels, Cruise Ships, Gift Shops, Hospitals, Airlines, Casinos, Car Dealerships, Fitness Centers, Religious Organizations, Health Clubs, Associations, Colleges and Universities, Camps, Sports Teams, Wedding Planners, Shoe Stores and many more, our experience told us that we had an offering that was fun, entertaining, beyond the ordinary and a true market differentiators.

www.CustomLogoFlipFlops.com has many stock styles which are able to ship as fast as 3 days or at the most in two or three weeks, which provides quick, impactful branding. Please feel free to call www.CustomLogoFlipFlops.com at 516-304-5772 or e-mail at jay@CustomLogoFlipFlops.com with your request. You will see how www.CustomLogoFlipFlops.com is not just another promotional manufacturer, but a company that puts you ahead of the rest.

Need special packaging? That Terry Cloth Zippered Pouch can be Custom manufactured to your needs too!